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About Us

Alexander York, The Salon and The Barbershop, is Spokane's premier salon and barbershop. We cater to both men and women in one of Spokane's top rated salons and barbershops. We are honored to have received awards for Best Of Spokane and Bangstyle, We have also been rated No.1 by and have a 5 star rating on Google. Our customer satisfaction is our primary concern.


If you’re wishing your salon or barbershop experience was more relaxing and had better service and results, then you need to see us.


Alexander York, The Salon and The Barbershop, is located at 628 North Monroe, Spokane, Wa. 99201. We offer convenient access and free parking.

The Salon

Alexander York, The Salon, is classic and refined, beautifully feminine with just the right amount of sparkle. Step into this bright and spacious salon, created to whisk you away from the hectic cares of the world around you. We invite you in for a different kind of salon experience.

We are (as we have been told), simply Spokane's most beautiful salon.

The Barbershop

Alexander York, The Barbershop, is definitely not your run of the mill barbershop or men's salon. We like to call it a Grooming Lounge. Our private barbershop is bold and masculine, upscale but not fussy, with magazines that fit your lifestyle, and free WIFI (although we really want you to just relax while you're here). It's a new era in men's fine grooming created for the needs of the discerning gentleman.

Our Tribe

Alexander York , The Salon and The Barbershop has a professional, talented and dedicated team, whose priority is providing services to our guests with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We are dedicated to the needs of the well groomed.


Chere  Perrigo
Master Barber / Master Stylist / Owner / Serial Entrepeneur


Chere is a 2nd generation barber and has been a licensed professional for more than 30 years. As a young child, Chere would sit and watch her father for hours, asking questions and learning the business first hand. At age 12 her father put her to work doing the tasks that were required to run a business. Needless to say, this ingrained a sense of business, entrepeneurship, and integrity into a young girl. Knowing from early childhood that this was her future, she went to barber school straight out of high school. Since attending school over 30 years ago she has been privileged to attend many advanced education and hands on courses to keep her skills honed and current. 

Through the years Chere has become a successful serial entrepeneur. She has owned and operated numerous businesses including 4 salons. She owned and operated Strata Salon for almost 12 years before selling it in early 2012. Chere spent two years helping design, build and operate La Rive, Northern Quest Casino Resort's spa and salon. Her many years as a stylist and her roots in the men's barber industry have instilled a desire to create an environment that is comfortable and private for both men and women.


Craig 'Alexander York' Perrigo
Barber/ Manager

 Please call or text Craig directly at 509.220.9794


This apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...either of them. Craig is the third generation in this family owned and operated business. He is the middle child and Chere's only son. Chere was very excited when Craig announced he would be attending cosmetology school to follow in his mother and grandfather's footsteps. Now she is very proud to have him working by her side. As Chere did as a child, he too has been watching and learning the ways of old school barbering and women's hair cutting for years. His schooling combined with new and advanced techniques and ongoing education makes him the perfect namesake for this family endeavor.


Kyla @kyhotkiss

 Please call or text Kyla directly at 509.990.5244


Donell @nativefox17

 Please call or text Donell directly at 509.998.0904


For Esthetics: call or text Katie directly at 509.979.1374